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  • /Q&A: Get quick support for open questions
  • /Connect: Establish personal contact with other HR experts
  • /Corporate HR professionals only. No providers.


  • Choose and click on the sub-community you want to be part of. You can sign up for more than one channel, of course.
  • Complete and submit the form.
  • As soon as Dominik has time, and has reviewed the submitted data, he adds you to the corresponding Slack channels you asked to join. This triggers an email from Slack. So check your (spam) folder.
  • Download Slack on your desktop, tablet and/or smartphone (no worries, it’s kinda WhatsApp).
  • Start asking and/or responding to questions.




Join this sub-community to discuss any HR-related subject



All about recruiting, employer branding and CRM



Fragen und Antworten zu allen HR-relevanten Themen



Alles zu Personalmarketing, Recruiting und Active Sourcing

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Wisely choose the channel you want to be part of.


/be active

We want active members. Listening is fine but a community lives from active members. So share your ideas, questions, projects.


/no trolling

This is a community. Within a community, we do not troll or insult one another. If it happens, Dominik will kick you out, immediately. End of story.



We trust each other. What happens in our Slack channels, stays there.


/data awareness

Think twice before sharing stuff. This community is not the right place to post sensitive internal or even personal data and information. We also do not ask you to do it.


/No sales

No spam, no advertising. HR Neurons is supposed to be a community from HR professionals for HR professionals. That’s why no HR service providers are allowed to join so far. Sorry guys. But never say never …


Weil es für den Anfang einfacher für den Seitenbetreiber ist 😉

Aber keine Sorge: HR/ Neurons ist sowohl für englisch- wie auch für deutschsprachige Personaler, Recruiter, Talent Manager, Learning-Experten etc. gedacht. Daher gibt es auch jeweils zwei Slack-Gruppen pro Sprache.

Das bedeutet aber nicht, dass man als “Deutscher” oder Deutsch sprechender Personaler nicht auch den englischsprachigen Kanälen beitreten kann. 

Die Flaggen symbolisieren ausschließlich die vorherrschende Sprache der Gruppe.

The flags symbolize the primary language of the channel. 

They do not represent any country.

Of course, HR colleagues who speak both English and German can request to join the English as well as German speaking channels.

Slack is a collaboration tool which can be described as a mixture of WhatsApp, Facebook Groups and Twitter. It’s both available on desktop and smartphones. 

Slack Inc. is a stock-listed company. 

Download it here:

Because user and access rights management is a lot easier and way more sophisticated. 

Additionally, it also offers a lot more features for us to exchange.

HR/Neurons is for HR people. Simple as that. 

In case it adds value to the community, we might think of letting HR service providers in.

Well, “we” do not do anything with it. Since we use Slack as our communication channel, HR/Neurons is neither storing nor processing your data. So be sensitive about what you are posting and sharing.

You might also check whether using your company or private smartphone is appropriate for installing and using Slack.

Nope. Any HR professional from any company around the globe can join.

Actually, we believe that a broader exchange across corporates of different sizes actually will add tremendous value to anyone.

At the moment, HR/ Neurons is a free-to-use service. 

It depends on how we all will use Slack if this will still be the case in the future.


Dominik A. Hahn, currently working at Allianz as Head of Candidate Experience, loves to exchange ideas, best practices but also failures. Next to his job, he founded HR Failure Night and also runs a (German) podcast on HR topics.